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  ECU Power Supplies Established in 1992 ECU Electronics Industrial Co Ltd occupies some 75000sq mtrs and is a leading power supply manufacturer accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001,and GJB9001.
Product approvals include CQC, CB, UL, CSA, CE and TUV.
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  Power Supplies Distributed by AIT Components Eaglerise Electric was established in 1992 and occupies 72000sq mtrs. The company produces over 300 different types of power supply with CE and UL approvals. All products carry a minimum 12 month warranty with up to 3 years on selected models. Eaglerise manufacture power supplies for industrial control, lighting.
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    EMC Filters Distributed by AIT Components Ecriee Electric is a joint venture with Tamura of Japan, specialising in the design and manufacture of Powerline - RFI - EMC filters featuring high insertion loss, low leakage current and excellent inhibition in differential and common modes. Suitable applications for these single and three phase filters include automation, medical, wind and solar power, UPS, motor control and other applications
    Capacitors Distributed by AIT Components Founded in 1980 in Taiwan jb Capacitors is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturer with factories located in Hefei, Anhui and Nantong. JiangSu specialises in the production of plastic film and electrolytic capacitors in surface mount, snap in, screw and lug terminal outlines. Operating temperatures are upto 105°C and monthly capacity is over 150million pieces. The company offers UL, VDE and ENEC product approvals
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    Capacitors Distributed by AIT Components Kingtronics is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturer of ceramic capacitors and tantalum capacitors. Multilayer ceramic capacitors are available as Axial Lead (AKT) and Radial Lead (MKT) types. In 1997 the company introduced a range of dipped tantalum radial lead capacitors, recent introduction include Surface Mount (SMD) ceramic and Surface Mount Tantalum Capacitors
    Pada Heatsinks Distributed by AIT Components Pada is one of the worlds leading producers of machined aluminium heatsinks. The Pada heatsink range comprises of over 1000 profiles and 20000 products. With more than 30years experience Pada provides its customers with reliable “tailor-made” thermal solutions for applications including Power-supply, Broadcasting, Traction, UPS, Welding Euipment, Computer, Automotive and Medical.
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    Power Semiconductors Established nearly 50 years ago Techsem is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of power semiconductors producing over 2 million devices per year. Accredited to ISO9001:2008 Techsem manufactures capsules up to 8500 Amps and UL approved modules to 570 Amps.
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    DC DC Converters YHT Power established their manufacturing facility in 1999 producing a range of UL approved DC DC Converters in a 5000 square meter high tech facility in the Beijing New Tech Development District. With over 200 staff and approved to ISO9001:2008 and GJB 9001A-2001 the emphasis is on quality. YHT DC DC Converters are widely used in Telecoms, Datacoms, Railway, Medical and Instrument applications.
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