Electrolytic Capacitors - Surface Mount

  AIT Components is the UK Distributor for jb Capictors. Founded in 1980 jb Capacitors is an
ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturer with factories located in Hefei, Anhui and Nantong, JiangSu specialises in the production of plastic film and electrolytic capacitors in surface mount, snap in, screw and lug terminal outlines. Operating Temperatures are up to 105°C and monthly capacity is over 150 million pieces. jb Capacitors products are UL, VDE and ENEC approved
  JCK Series Surface Mount Electrolytic Capacitor
  Surface Mount Electrolytic Capacitors Capacitance Range 0.1µF to 10000µF    
  Voltage Range 4.0V to 100V  
  Operating Temperature -55° to +105°      
        Leakage Current 3.0µA    
        Manufactured by jb capacitors these low leakage current, surface mount electrolytic capacitors have a wide opertating temperature range and are designed to maximise pcb utilisation. They are suitable for general industrial, intrumentation and consumer electronics applications. Electrolytic Capacitor Data