PK0406 PCB Mount Inductors

Surface Mount Capacitors   PK0406 UL Sleeved PCB Mount Inductors
  Radial Inductors Current Range up to 620mA      
  Inductance Range 10µh to 22000µh      
  Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C      
        Tolerance 10% Standard    
        UL Flame Retardant Sleeve  
      Manufactured by AiT Components the PK0406 range of PCB mounting inductors are designed to provide exceptional reliability over a wide temperature range. All PK0406 Inductors are fitted with UL flame retardant sleeving. Common applications include Power Supplies, Thyristor and Triac Controls, RFI Suppresion, Filters and Switching Regulators.    
        Surface Mount Inductors