3DC11CAP Premo RFID Transponder Coils

  3DC11CAP - 3D Transponder Coils
  3DC11CAP Premo 3D Transponder Coil Inductance Range 2.38mH to 7.2mH      
  Operating Frequency 125kHz      
  Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C      
      The 3DC11CAP series is an evolution of the 3DC11LP series, which combines the characteristics of the smallest 3D coil from PREMO RFID and the advantages of a high quality plastic material used for the cap which provides additional mechanical protection to the coil whilst allowing easier handling and placing. This Premo 3D Coil is designed to achieve excellent electrical performance within the confines of small mechanical dimensions.

3D Transponder Coils