Surface Mount Encapsulated Inductors

  The AiT Components NL range of encapsulated surface mount inductors offer a uniquely high quality of operation, with excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics. With each style the ferrite core is totally enclosed within the resin body of the component. The popular EIA package sizes offers excellent workability as well as reliability making them suitable for a diverse range of applications including, Automotive, Security, Modems, and Low Band UHF Filter applications.  
  NL1008   NL1210   NL1812   NLC1812   NL2220  
  NL1008 Surface Mount Inductor   NL1210 Surface Mount Inductors   NL1812 Surface Mount Inductor   NLC1812 Surface Mount Inductor   NL2220 Surface Mount Inductor  
  NL2512 Surface Mount Inductor