Surface Mount Power Inductors

  The AIT Components range of unshielded surface mount power inductors is available in a number of industry standard packages and sizes. Starting from just a little larger than EIA 1812 and with a profile of under 4mm these inductors offer excellent electrical characteristics when used in power supply and other switched DC applications. See CDR, CDRH, D and DS types for ferrite shielded alternatives. Supplied on tape and reel as standard all AIT Inductors are RoHS compliant and are normally suitable alternatives to both Sumida and Coilcraft Inductors.  
  CD43   CD54   CD73   CD75   CD104  
  CD43 Surface Mount Inductor   CD54 Surface Mount Inductors   CD73 Surface Mount Inductor   CD75 Surface Mount Inductor   CD104 Surface Mount Power Inductor  
  CD105 Surface Mount Inductors                  
    DO1608   DO3308   DO3316   DO3340   DO5022  
    DO1608 Surface Mount Inductor   DO3308 Surface Mount Inductor   DO3316 Surface Mount Inductor   DO3340 Surface Mount Inductor   DO5022 Surface Mount Inductor  
    DO1813HC   DO3316HC   DO5022HC          
    DO1813HC High Power Inductor   DO3316HC High Power Inductor   DO5022HC High Power Inductor