Surface Mount Wire Wound Inductors

  The AIT Components CCFH range of ceramic cored , wire wound surface mount inductors offer an exceptionally high 'Q' compared to non-wire wound alternatives. Superbly high self resonant frequencies (SRF) are also evident with range. Available in popular EIA package sizes from 0402 to 1210 the range is suited to high frequency handheld applications. Our combined manufacturing capacity for ceramic cored wirewound inductors exceeds 75 million pcs per month. All of our surface mount inductors are manufactured with the latest and most advanced production equipment ensuring that our chip inductors consistently meet or exceed the most stringent quality requirements.  
  CCFH0402   CCFH0603   CCFH0805   CCFH1008   CCFH1210  
  0402 Surface Mount Inductor   0603 Surface Mount Inductor   0805 Surface Mount Inductor   1008 Surface Mount Inductor   1210 Surface Mount Inductor