Fast Turn Off Thyristor

Surface Mount Capacitors  

Y70KKG - Techsem Fast Turn Off Thyristor

  High Power Thyristors 2100 Amps


  VRRM: 1900 - 2500 Volts        
  ITAV: 2160 Amps        
  High Power Capsule Thyristors   Power Semiconductors          
  Manufactured by TECHSEM the Y70KKG high power thyristors are rated to 2160Amps, They feature fast turn on times, high di/dt ratings an interdigitated amplifying gate and exhibit low switching losses. TECHSEM semiconductors comply with all European RoHS directives and are suitable for use in induction heating, electronic welding, self commutated inverters and are normally acceptable alternatives to Westdode, Powerex and Dynex Semiconductors